Mod «Murata Type 22» for Ravenfield (Build 19)

Murata Type 22

Continuing along with the series of hopelessly outdated Japanese rifles, I bring you the Meiji 22 Murata and its Carbine variant. The Type 22 series was adopted on the twenty-second year of Meiji's reign, also known as 1889; and while I'm afraid that information on these rifles is far more limited than for their Arisaka brethren, I believe to have shown them in an acceptable light. 

  • Includes two rifles, the Murata Type 22 and Murata Type 22 Carbine

Murata Type 22

  • 125 Damage
  • 8-round internal magazine
  • 64 cartridges in reserve

Murata Type 22 Carbine

  • 105 Damage
  • Lower muzzle velocity
  • Greater knockback potential
  • Faster cycling rate
  • 5-round internal magazine
  • 64 cartridges in reserve

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