Mod «[LQS] Raveceiver Weapon Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 27)

[LQS] Raveceiver Weapon Pack

What is Raveceiver?

Raveceiver is basically a "Ravenfield x Receiver" crossover. Aka QWOP but guns. It is a one man project, soo expect slow development.

It takes firearm manipulation seriously. I am not a realism modder, not a big fan of it I just made this for fun.
This is just the weapon pack there is a Receiver total conversion on the works for Ravenfield. This pack gives a variety of weapons that you have to operate manually, making gun fights alot harder.

Yes! Manually... Pressing "R" doesn't play a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2022 hyper realistic reload animation. And speaking of animations it doesn't use traditional animations, it uses procedural animations for most parts.

It features several weapons listed down below.

Receiver/Receiver 2

- Colt M1911
- Glock 17 (Fire select mod)
- Smith and Wesson Model 10

- Desert Eagle
- Colt Detective Special
- Colt Single Action Army
- Hi-Point C-9
- SIG Sauer P226
- Beretta M9

Original Weapons

- Alchemy Arms Spectre
- Colt Python
- Glock 17 (Normal Variant)
- Smith And Wesson .40 Compact (Receiver 2 Cut Weapon)
- Smith And Wesson Model 500


- Ruger LC9 (Receiver 2 Cut Weapon)
- Ruger Mark 1 (Receiver 2 Cut Weapon)

Base Features

It also includes some weapon features presented in Receiver 2. Weapon jamming is included aswell, and randomized. You may encounter a "Out of battery" malfunction, or "Wrongly Seated Mag", a "Stovepipe", or possibly a "Double Feed", and other same malfunctions/jams that you may encounter in Receiver 2.

When reloading revolvers, if you try to eject the rounds out of the cylinder some of the used rounds will refuse to come out of the cylinder. This is caused by the cartridge expanding because of the pressure after it was fired. You can simply spam press the eject key until they come out.

A Holster and Unholster system is included as well, always HOLD the holster key to holster and unholster safely or else, you will shoot yourself by accident.

Some weapons mentioned above also include their features from the game.

- The "Desert Eagle" being able to kill the player in one shot if unholstered/holstered unsafely.

- The "Colt Single Action Army" having a unique reload system compared to the other revolvers and resting the hammer next to a live primer will trigger it the next time you fall with it, even if it is holstered. You can also fan with it, just hold down the trigger and rapidly pull the hammer.

- The "Hi-Point C-9" having it's safety lever act like a slide lock aswell, and also having a magazine safety system. Means it will not fire if the magazine is out.

- The "Beretta M9" having a safety that includes a decocker aswell. The "SIG Sauer P226" only have a decocker so keep that in mind. And both guns are double action, you can still pull the hammer manually.

Base Controls

If you still have your muscle memory from Receiver and Receiver 2 then you don't have to worry about the controls.
But keep in mind that the Mag In and Insert Bullet keybind is "X" and the Safety, Firemode, and Eject key being "B".
Since the "Z" key is prone and "V" is kick.

The binds are always rebindable to your liking.

- The "Holster and Unholster" key is "`" (Back Quote). Hold it to safely holster and unholster the weapon.
- The "Toggle Aim" key is "Q"
- The "Pickup" key is "G", this is used to pickup live rounds dropped or ejected by the gun. Only works if you have the "Raveceiver Base" mutator on.
- The "Flashlight" key is "L", only works if you have the "Raveceiver Base" mutator on.

- The "Rack/Cylinder Close/Remove Bullet" key is "R".
- The "Insert Magazine/Insert Bullet/Mag Tap" key is "X", press the key while the magazine is inside the gun to perform a mag tap.
- The "Slide Lock/Slide Tap" key is "T", press the key while the weapon has a "Out of battery" malfunction to perform a slide tap.
- The "Pull Hammer" key is "F".
- The "Safety/Firemode/Eject" key is "B", press the key when using a revolver to eject the rounds from the cylinder.
- There is a alt key for the firemode key being "C" by default. Only works if the weapon has a safety and a firemode system.

The "Cylinder Spin" key is "J - Left" and "K - Right", only works for revolvers.

Reason why I didn't use the mouse wheel is because spinning the mouse wheel also changes the weapons, there is no way for me to disable this. And thus the weapons use another indexing system not dynamic or something similar on what Receiver is using.

Doing a dynamic one will make unsync indexing since there are no triggers exposed in ravenscript.

Combined Controls

To perform a presscheck first Hold your "Slide Lock/Slide Tap" key and then Hold your "Rack" key.

To lock the slide first Hold your "Rack" key and then when the slide is fully racked Hold your "Slide Lock" key and release the "Rack" key and then the "Slide Lock" key.

To decock the hammer first Hold your "Hammer Pull" key and then Hold down your "Fire" key then release the "Hammer Pull" key then the "Fire" key.

The Update Literally (NOT EA26 SUPPORTED)

- Added Primary Weapons

  • Colt M16A2
  • Ruger 10/22
  • AK-47
  • Heckler And Koch G36C
  • Heckler And Koch MP5
  • Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum (Scope Subject To Change)
  • Steyr AUG A1 (Scope Subject To Change)
  • FN P90
  • Heckler And Koch 416

- Added attachments system (hit I), it saves throughout the current game session. Only resets if the game was shut down.
- Fixed issues that arose in EA27
- Repositioned HUD because EA27
- Sound changes in some weapons

24.03.23 (b.26)


22.03.23 (b.26)


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no mags even after respawn


Same issue for me


I realized you have to turn off „Randomize weapon conditions“