Mod «Neopup PAW-20» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Neopup PAW-20

An efficient semi auto grenade launcher, capable of raining down hell on anyone unlucky enough to encounter it, that can be used as a direct or in-direct fire weapon, for anti personnel or anti armour uses.

Included in the mod:

-HE round: the "standard" round, well versed in all domains.

-HE-I round: a juiced up version of the HE round, that has a significantly larger explosion and fireball, that comes with a tracer for a fancy light show.

-AP-I round: a specialised round meant to penetrate armour, due to it's objective to penetrate, it deals very little splash damage. Has a tracer.

-TP round: a round meant to be used for target practice, which has no warhead. It can be used in some dire cases against personnel.

Ammo capacity: 6 + 1

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