Mod «RE: POS Assault Rifle M1» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: POS Assault Rifle M1

The POS Assault Rifle Mark-1 was the very first plasma charged weapon modified for actual "long-term" combat missions. The design used a more powerful battery and was equipped with a much heavier catalysator. This allowed the rifle to fire with increased discharge. Not only was the catalysator increased but also the discharger had gotten an overhaul now the Mark-1 was able to discharge at a much higher frequency. Some immediate drawbacks where that the rifle had a small wind up window before it was able to unleash it's potential discharge. Not only that but the increased power was straying the battery consumption and the gun required rather rapid reloads. The reload mechanism wasn't design however with earth like weather conditions in mind and was also very prone to jamming by dirt.

This modpack contains:

-POS Assault Rifle M1 (Mark-1)

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