Mod «[COD16] Resonance AK» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[COD16] Resonance AK

<<<---Recommand Fov : 110--->>>

<<<---Please turn on HDR settings for a complete visual experience--->>>

Weapon mod made with COD16 weapon system, the function list is as follows:

1. Tactical sprint: sprint has a cooling time, you can use sliding to shorten the cooling time.

2. Sliding: During the sprint, press and hold the squat button to start the sliding, and release the squat button to exit the sliding. The sliding has a cooling setting. Frequently use the sliding will reduce the speed of the sliding shovel (it will not slip out in the worst case).
*Note: If you check the "Toggle squat mode" in the setting, you will not be able to sliding while sprinting, but you can press squat key within 100 milliseconds after releasing the sprint button, Clik the key to enter the sliding shovel, clik again to exit.

3. Melee attack: press the F key to trigger, it can interrupt the reload operation.

4. View weapon animation: press the V or J key to trigger.

5. Simulated recoil: You can have a lower recoil back when you are prone

6. COD16 reload system: you will not be able to reload in the sprint state, the reload operation can be interrupted by the sprint operation (can be used to cancel the reload animation).

7. Kill sound effect and Hit feedback sound.

8. Aiming Reload.

*Module conflict: The speed-related mutator will not work on this weapon. Such as Slide Mutator.

Since this weapon is equipped with a lot of scripts, it is not recommended to be used by AI. AI version will be launched later

Although this weapon relies on scripts to achieve many functions. . But also because of the use of scripts, there will be a lot of weird bugs. If you encounter a bug, you can comment in the comment area. I will fix it on the basis of maintaining the original effect as much as possible. If the bug and the effect are conflicting. I will choose to keep the effect.

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