Mod «Roman manipular legions pack» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Roman manipular legions pack

+Troop types and equipment:

~~~Gladius->Based on swords the Romans faced in Iberia against it's tribes,not very useful in the hands of a Velite.
~~~Verutum/Uerutum->Javelin meant to be thrown before engagements at the enemy frontline.Early Velites carrier a lot of these.
~~~Plumbata->Throwable darts that were thrown once the fighting started,when the Velites retreated behind the main line.Meant to harass more than to kill.

~~~Gladius->Main weapon of the frontline,more useful when used by someone trained to use it.
~~~Pila->Javelin thrown before combat.Hastatis and Principes held 2 or 3 of these.

~~~Gladius->Same weapon,but deadlier in the hands of a veteran.
~~~Pila->A bit more range than a Hastati's pila,after all Principes are usually veterans.

~~~Hasta->Very long spear (2 metres) that could be used against cavalry and infantry alike.
~~~Gladius->This time it's a secondary,used after the hasta breaks,or when combat is too close for comfort.

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