Mod «Vietnam Pack - NVA [Project Vietnam]» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Vietnam Pack - NVA [Project Vietnam]

Comrade, grab your gun, the Americans have invaded! They may have airpower and numbers, but we know the land, and have this arsenal to fend off those capitalist pigs!

Type 65:
This is your standard assault rifle, courtesy of out Chinese allies. It is equipped with a 30 round magazine and is available with both bayonet and grenade launcher.

PG-25 Grenade Launcher:
Available underslung on your Type 65 as a powerful anti-infantry option. It fires self-contained 40mm high explosive grenades out to medium range, excellent for ambushes or taking out light vehicles.

KSK rifle:
A semi-automatic alternative to the Type 65, this rifle is more accurate, however is fed by 10 round clips, so watch your ammo. Also equipped with a bayonet.

Never be caught unarmed by equipping a bayonet on your Type 65 or KSK rifle. Stab into the hearts of those imperialists!

Dragonoff SVD:
For long range shots, use the Dragonoff. It has been fitted with a high-power scope and 10 round magazine, loaded with armor piercing ammo. You can also equip it as large gear, but with less ammo.

A conversion of the RK-44 to a squad automatic weapon, this gun has a 75-round drum and heavy barrel. It reloads far quicker than most other machine guns, but it lacks armor piercing ammo.

Degtyaryov MG:
Though this belt-fed machine gun is old, it is not less effective. Loaded with 100 rounds of armor piercing ammo, and firing faster than the RPK-44, it is most effective at closer range and against the Americans helicopters and jeeps.

Mui Sin Na-Gahn:
Yet another weapon from our Chinese allies, this is a reliable and effective rifle. You can use it as a precision sniper rifle, or as a battle rifle without the scope.

A modern alternative to the other machine guns, the PK61 is more accurate and more controllable than the Degtyaryov and RPK-44, but it has the slowest reloads and draw time. It also fires armor piercing ammo. [Before you say anything, I know that both the RPD and PK use non-disintegrating belts. However, due to modding limitations, I had to make them disintegrating belts instead]

Degtyaryov 28:
Another battle proven weapon from our Soviet allies. This pan fed machine gun has lower capacity than most others, but it reloads full magazines, and is highly controlable.

Our Soviet allies generously allowed us to produce this sub machine gun in our fight against capitalism. It has a high rate of fie and 35 round magazine, perfect for clearing buildings.

Side by Side Shotgun:
Sadly Comrade, not everyone can be issued a modern assault rifle. Thankfully, your grandfathers double barrel will be no less effective against the capitalists! Also available as a sawed-off secondary weapon. (The “both” versions fire both barrels at once, due to game limitations, I can’t yet add secondary fire, so this is the only way).

T3 Pistol:
Rugged, effective, battle-proven. What more can you ask for in a side arm? Though your magazine capacity is limited, you'll reload quickly and maintain accuracy at longer range than most other pistols.

Asp Automatic Pistol:
Perhaps your aim leaves some to be desired? The ASP provides accuracy by sheer volume of fire. With a cyclic rate of close to 800 RPM, 20 round magazines, and a stock, this machine pistol will devastate enemies up close.

To take town the Americans helicopters and tanks, equip yourself with the RPG-7. A gift from our Soviet allies, it fires its rockets accurately out to several hundred meters and can easily down tanks in a couple hits. Also available with anti-infantry high explosive rockets. [If you are subscribed to my old RPG, this is the new version]

Lastly is this powerful grenade. It does greater damage to enemy tanks and has a higher blast radius, though due to its weight you can only carry two and has a lower throw range. It also had a longer fuse to allow you to escape before it goes off.

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