Mod «Atchisson AA12 [Pravus Framework Early Alpha]» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Atchisson AA12 [Pravus Framework Early Alpha]

Its the AA12 I released like a month ago.. But with the teased esque Phoenix Framework like attachment system.

Hit "T" to open up attachment menu.


What's new on this item?

A: It adds the new "Pravus Framework" attachment system on this gun. The framework is built for the "The Pravus Trail" project for its weapons. And this is just a little test for trying if the Framework is configuration friendly.

Are the attachments on this are functional?

A: Yes.. The suppressor, flashlight are functional.

To turn on the flashlight you'll have to press "L".

Can I or other modders get the Framework?

A:Yes. Once its released, modders can feel free and expand their weapons with this framework.

Are you accepting commissions now?

A: Not yet.

Does this support RavenM?

A: According to my testing. It does support RavenM but attachments won't spawn in other players. And that is a good thing since the attachments positions are messed up in Third Person.

Are you going to add more attachments?

A: Probably a new Firing Mechanism or a new Ammo Type.

Can you make "x" with the Pravus Framework?

A: ...

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