Mod «Wolfenstein TNO 1946 Weapons» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

Wolfenstein TNO 1946 Weapons

As title, these are the weapons used by the Third Reich in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

In which those Nazis build enough Wunderwaffe to prolong the war to 1946 and the Allies lost the entirety of continental Europe and are on the verge of a full-scale invasion of US soil...but enough storytime.

There are a total of 5 weapons, with serval "variations":

Machine Gun 1946 or Maschinengewehr 46/Mg-46:

The ridiculous quad-barrel successor of the infamous Hitler's Buzzsaw, with 4 barrels and a 400 round ammo capacity, able to destroy light infantry vehicle in seconds.
(Despite under the "anti-armor" tag, it can't do $hit against tanks and APC. But it shreds light infantry vehicles in seconds.
Also, I just make every barrel fire simultaneously instead of rotating, because why not?)

Assault Rifle 1946 or Sturmgewehr 46/Stg-46:

The Wehrmacht's standard-issue assault rifle in 1946, holds 30 rounds with 210 reserved.
Functionally it is very much like RK-44 or AK-47 in our timeline. With great stopping power and wild kickback.
Comes with a dual-wielded version as "large gear", in reference to the game.

Handgun 1946 or...well, Lugar P08:

For some reason, they didn't upgrade this one in the year 1946, except for the 10 round magazine. Otherwise, it functions like a standard pistol.
Comes with a silenced, dual-wielded, and dual-wielded silenced version, also referencing the game.

Grenade, or just Stielhandgranate 24:

Yeah, this one doesn't get an upgrade either. It is basically like any other grenade. Except it doesn't roll and you can throw it farther.

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