Mod «Subsector C: Weapons» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

Subsector C: Weapons

The "Subsector C: Weapons" mod for the game Ravenfield contains the following weapons:

  • Dragon's Breath (essentially a railshotgun, with the chance to make the opponent bleed if they don't die)
  • AR-76 (A secondary weapon, your trusty friend. It has a known bug where in fully automatic, you cannot change to the dot sight. To get to the dot sight, go to semi, switch to the dot, and switch back to automatic)
  • Cryonic Booster (A burst rifle, shoots frozen shards at extreme velocities. Also knocks bots over in a small AoE. Come with an black and white variants. Has a one-shot fire mode which also has dual render sight mode zoom)
  • Pounder (A grenade launcher, fires 4 types of ammunition: standard, explosive, flashbang, gas, and cluster)
  • Staejis Stormbow (A bow, as a secondary, that fires standard arrows, explosive, stun, and blunt force)

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