Mod «[WW2 Collection] RSC 1918» for Ravenfield (Build 22)

[WW2 Collection] RSC 1918

Developed in 1918 to replace the RSC 1917, the RSC 1918 was a generally improved version that included many changes which field reviews had shown were needed (shorter length, bolt locking open on empty, the ability to use Berthier 1916 clips, and general production changes that made it easier and cheaper).

The 1918swere first used in the Rif War, and during WW2 some French troops used them, specially colonial units, which got their gas systems blocked, making them bolt action rifles (probably due to the fear of colonial rebellions)


  • RSC 1918
  • RSC 1918 Bolt action


  • Damage->115 (1 shot to the chest)
  • Loaded ammo->5+1 bullets

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