Mod «CS/LS5» for Ravenfield (Build 21)


CS/LS-5 submachine gun is a relatively new development of the Chongqing Jianshe Industry Group from China and distributed by Norinco. This machine gun is intended primarily for police use, as it allows to fire both standard 9×19 DAP-92 ammunition (currently in use by Chinese People’s Armed Police) and locally developed 9×19 less-lethal ammunition with rubber bullets. In appearance, the gun resembles the famous H&K MP5 but it is said that internally it is very different, a mechanism that allows it to use fully lethal DAP-92 armour piercing rounds, commercially available 9x19mm parabellum, and low-power, less-lethal ammunition with rubber bullets – without any manual adjustments. The gun has a side folding shoulder stock and a picatinny rail or a weaver rail. The gun has a relatively high rate of fire and fires from 30 round magazines. The gun also has a semi-auto civilian version called the SMG-9 that is intended for commercial purposes.

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