Mod «[WW2 Collection] Type 11» for Ravenfield (Build 21)

[WW2 Collection] Type 11

Designed in 1922 due to the experiences from the Ruso-Japanese war,the Type 11 lmg was supposed to be a very mobile machine gun that any soldier in a squad could reload (it fed from type 38 clips),the type 11 was widely spread in the Japanese army by the beginning of the Sino-Japanese war,though it wasn't flawless. For starters,the hopper system it used could easily get mud or dirt inside the gun,and the power of the ammunition filled the gun with gunpowder rests. A partial solution to this was changing the ammo by a less powered round of the same calliber,which worked,but made it so the hopper system lost it's "everyone can reload" purpose. The Type 99 machinegun was designed to replace it,but the Japanese army never had enough machine guns and thus it was used up to the end of the war. The Chinese captured and used a number of them


  • Damage->49 (3 shots to the body)
  • Loadded ammo->30

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