Mod «AK-12 | 0331's Tactical Solutions [COMMISSION]» for Ravenfield (Build 27)

AK-12 | 0331's Tactical Solutions [COMMISSION]

Completely laser-free tactical setups of the AK-12 platform, including stealth and non-stealth, and five different optic setups.

Includes 11 versions of the AK-12:
-Added Grip
-Grip and Suppressor
-Grip Suppressor and Kobra
-Grip and Kobra
-Grip Suppressor and 1P87
-Grip and 1P87
-Grip suppressor and 1p87+1p90
-Grip and 1p87+1p90
-Grip Suppressor and 1p78
-Grip and 1p78

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