Mod «1805 Harper's Ferry» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

1805 Harper's Ferry

First and foremost, happy Fourth of July to you all, while a bit late, I'm happy to release to you this iconic American firelock. Secondly, this model has been around just as long as the P53, so I went ahead and brought it up to date with some smooth shade and new colors. The weapon was the first flintlock pistol produced by an armory and saw use all over the country, from the Navy, cavalry, and infantry; as the name says, it was produced at the arsenal in Harper's Ferry - which was destroyed during the American Civil War. The pistol was .54 caliber, so more than enough to blow a hole through anybody standing in your way, and a perfect way to perform a duel and then years later end up marrying some Countess of Lyndon.


  • Includes one weapon, the 1805 Harpers Ferry
    • Found in the Handguns, Black Powder, and Napoleonic tabs
    • 110 Damage w/ high knockback
    • 26 cartridges in reserve
    • 11 second reload
    • A make-ready transition for aiming (not required to fire the weapon, but for immersion's sake, it's there)
    • Animated sprinting

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