Mod «[WW2 Collection] Ross Rifle» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

[WW2 Collection] Ross Rifle

Designed in 1910 to correct some of the issues with the Mk II, the Ross MkIII was basically a completely new weapon in most ways, with a different barrel, mostly different bolt and a new single stack external magazine. It was briefly used in WW1 until it was mostly retired in 1916,but in WW2 they were once again issued, mainly to the Canadian navy, the Canadian and British home guards, part of the Norwegian army in exile, and the Soviet Union (Who also captured some from anti communist forces during the Russian Civil war, and sent them to Spain during the Spanish Civil War). Some managed to get to China, and a batch of the rifles equipped the Dutch forces in the Dutch East Indies


  • Damage: 115 (1 shot in close quarters)
  • Loaded ammo: 5

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