Mod «Pandur II» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Pandur II
Tiny vehicle pack

Wow, it takes a lot of time to make a vehicle mod. Anyway the Pandur II is an 8x8 APC developed from the Pandur 6x6. It is serving on multiple countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Portugal, and Phillipines. I depict what is probably going to be in Indonesian service once Pindad finishes their experiments, except that I don't do the APC variant with autocannon because there's already much other APC with autocannon on the workshop plus the one in service probably would be the IFV/FSV variant. Pindad also showcases a Badak 6x6 with Oerlikon Skyranger at Indo Defence 2022 so that's why I made the SPAAG variant. There's also not much NATO SPAAG at workshop I think? For the APC one, I'm just bored

Truly a worldwide vehicle, chassis is Austrian, M2HB is American, Cockerill turret is Belgium, Skyranger is Swiss, Mistral is French, Falarick is Ukrainian, MG5A1 is German, and the Cockerill is put in the APC by Indonesia

Stats (IFV):
Health: 2925
Firerate: 1000 RPM (SM2-V2), 461 RPM (SMB-2)
Ammo: 20 (APFSDS), 17 (HESH), 3 (Smoke), 4 (Falarick ATGM), 5000 (coax), 1100 (M2HB)
Damage: 2150 (APFSDS), 1200 (HESH), 0 (Smoke), 2600 (Falarick ATGM), 67 (coax), 80 (.50)
Explosion Damage: 0 (APFSDS), 1000 (HESH), 0 (Smoke), 175 (Falarick ATGM), 0 (coax), 80 (.50 HE), 0 (.50 Tracer)
Projectile Speed: 1620 (APFSDS), 732 (HESH), 732 (Smoke), 294 (Falarick ATGM), 840 (coax), 928 (.50)

Stats (APC):
Health: 2925
Firerate: 461 RPM
Ammo: 100 / 1000
Damage: 80
Explosion Damage: 80 (HE), 0 (Tracer)
Projectile Speed: 928

Stats (SPAAG):
Health: 2925
Firerate: 1200 RPM
Ammo: 252 / 2520
Damage: 120 (30mm), 67 (coax), 2200 (Mistral)
Explosion Damage: 95 (30mm), 400 (Mistral)
Proximity Range: 3 (Only in Proximity Variant)
Projectile Speed: 1100 (30mm), 840 (coax), 900 (Mistral)

IFV: armed with a Cockerill 105 with APFSDS, HESH, Smoke, ATGM shells alongside a SM2-V2 coax and M2HB
APC: armed with a cupola with M2HB
SPAAG: armed with a Oerlikon Skyranger 30 turret with proximity round, SM2-V2 coax, and Mistral SHORAD missile

FCS (only at SPAAG), aim at a plane/helicopter to lock it. It will display alot of information as below:
Color of the square: Team (Blue/Red/Neutral) (Feature exists in the mod, but not in the screenshots because forgot to include)
V: Velocity
H: Height relative to the Skyranger
Tfli: Projectile flight time
R.Tgt: Target's range from the Skyranger
To hit a plane, just aim at the diamond and fire

The trim vane and SHORAD carrier is animated
If the roof gunner dies, someone will replace him (if there are any passenger)
Automatic gear system, vehicle will take some time to accelerate to top speed
Random Add-On Armor. 32.5% spawning with no armor, 67% with cage armor, 0.5% with a secret armor

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