Mod «Falcon Weapon Emplacements - Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon Weapon Emplacements - Pack

The Royal Falcon Armoury Emplacements pack contains 3 turrets - one for each type of enemy you may encounter!

Mark 27 Medium Machine Gun: The Mk 27 was developed as a faster firing successor to the Mk 32, with an air-cooled barrel and shield, this weapon could be a major defensive weapon. Its main downside was the small saddle magazine, which could only hold up to 60 rounds.

Black Rabbit I+ ATGM: The Black Rabbit I+ was a modified version of the Black Rabbit I, which allowed it to use a SACLOS sighting system, with the operator being able to aim the missile using a camera. This increased the accuracy massively from the original Black Rabbit I and the shoulder launched Black Rabbit II. The system was in wide use in anti-tank support teams until the introduction of the faster, more deadly Black Rabbit III, however, due to it having to be set up, it did not replace the portable Black Rabbit II, which remained in service until the introduction of the Black Rabbit VI.

3.7" Anti-Aircraft Gun: the 3.7" Was a large-calibre, high-altitude anti-aircraft gun. Capable of lobbing proximity fuse shells several kilometres high, a direct hit by one of these would knock a plane clean out of the sky, and even a near miss could tear parts of the plane to shreds. The main downside was its lack of fire-rate. It was also less than ideal at closer ranges, although this was somewhat mitigated by the addition of a Mark 27 MMG for defensive purposes. The gun was used around high value targets, such as cities, factories, and barracks, behind the front lines. Bomber pilots learnt to fear this mighty weapon, and in some occasions, enemy pilots prefferred to turn back to base as opposed to face them.

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