Mod «KrAZ-6322 Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

KrAZ-6322 Pack

This time I present you a pack containing 3 variants of KrAZ-6322. It is the general-purpose all-wheel drive Ukrainian truck used in many different roles. It was also exported to many countries all around the world. It is the successor of KrAZ-260.

  • KrAZ-6322 Soldier - 6x6 KrAZ-6322 with a 300HP engine. Top speed: 85kph. It is used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2008. It is its main transport truck. It has a place for 3+8 soldiers (cabin+trunk).
  • KrAZ-6135V6 - KrAZ-6322 with a better 350HP German Deutz TCD2015V06 engine. Top speed: 100kph. It was intended for the Iraqi Army but ultimately stayed in Ukraine. It has a desert/sand paint and is a bit longer. You can also use it for the Iraq as they operate the classic KrAZ-6322 in sand paint.
  • KrAZ-6322 UN - KrAZ-6322 used by the Indonesian National Police in Sudan as a part of UNAMID (United Nations–African Union Mission in Darfur). It has a white paint and UN decals.
  • RANDOMISED ATTACHEMENTS! - Elements like canvas, decals or decorations will spawn randomly for each vehicle! They can be activated/deactivated by pressing "LeftCtrl" + "1,2,3,4,5" (script by kikimundo).
  • GEARBOX MECHANIC - entirely new mechanic with shifting gears (script made by ProfessionalDebil).
  • WORKING DASHBOARD - it shows your speed (in kph) and gear.
  • HEADLIGHTS - press "T" to turn them on (turned on by default when playing on night mode) (script by kikimundo)
  • EXHAUST FUMES - they appear when turning on the engine (modified kiki's script)
  • RESSUPLY POINT - when standing close to the truck your ammo and health will be replenished.

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