Mod «RE: PoS Onrich Medium Assault Craft» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: PoS Onrich Medium Assault Craft

The Onrich Gunship, named, as is often the case in the Principality, after one of their mythological Heroes is the backbone of the Principalities Air Superiority within Earths Atmosphere. These Vehicles are not particularily fast, or sturdy, but their weirdly shaped Hull host enough firepower to make even hardened Enemies think thrice before attacking. The Onrich is armed with four Multi Incineratores for all purposes, be it infantry, airborne enemies or even light armoured Targets. The Pilot is in control of a total of 14 Onrich's Hammer missiles for assaulting heavy armoured targets, a six-barrelled Heavens Fury Array (Fast firing Lasers against unarmoured Targets) and two rapid-fire Plasma Condensers for everything in between.
The main threat the Onrich poses however comes from its ability to carry some of the most powerful weapons fielded by the Principality directly into combat. Those most often seen are a scaled down Lunar Retribution Artillery Cannon, otherwise found on the Cherargon Heavy Platform or a powerful high Pulsed Laser dubbed "The Scorching"
Special Features

-Laser Designated Missiles for the Pilot
-Team dependant Engine Colours for easier distinguishing between team

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