Mod «RE: PoS Cherargon Experimental Tank» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: PoS Cherargon Experimental Tank

The Cherargon Experimental Tank, especially so its first iteration in many ways embodies the Principalities approach to warfare. That is placing higher value on aesthetically pleasing designs and representation of their purity of purpose than on actual battlefield effectiveness or convenience (and safety) of use. As such the Cherargon, being one of the first vehicles built by Royal decree was selected for its form rather than its function. Yet still even through glaring problems like hover engines prone to failure, exposed critical weakspots and overall weak mainframe, the Cherargon managed to carve out its glory from the corpses of fallen enemies. This is because of its high mobility afforded by the afforementioned hover engines aswell as its powerfull weapons systems, both originally designed for industrial purposes and adjusted for frontline application.
The Mk2 of the Cherargon line was built to improve on the aspects the Mk1 was already good at, improving its mobility further and arming it with a dedicated weapon system in form of the linear Plasma Accelerator, a weapon that could shoot plasma either in a large area for maximum Effect against Infantry Formations, or as a concentrated beam that could melt enemy armour at greater ranges, albeit at a lesser rate of fire with more plasma expended

Special Features

-The Mk1 features weakspots in the Back of the Vehicle aswell as on the windshield. Shoot theses for drastically increased damage, especially with heavier weapons

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