Mod «RE: SroA Ceratis Machinegun Turret» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: SroA Ceratis Machinegun Turret

The Ceratis Machinegun Is a fairly common Firearm employed by the Sovereign Republic of Atlantis. Made to be carried by some of the bigger drone variations they field, or mounted in a variety of Bases to be operated by either human sized Drones, or in case of an emergency human soldiers. The Gun has a moderately fast rate of fire and decent enough accuracy. Extended burst of fire may cause the gun to overheat. It is fed by a cylindrical Magazine mounted under the Gun itself.
Semi Permanent Gun Emplacements such as the one depicted here can be found all over the outer regions of the SroA's territory, where the mobile defense network may allow for some enemy forces to get in the vicinity of civilian Installations. It can also be found on some fortified structures.

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