Mod «[SCP] CAC Boomerang Mk. 1» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[SCP] CAC Boomerang Mk. 1

A small pack of different coloured "emergency fighter" Boomerangs for the Australians, who are seriously lacking in terms of content on the workshop. I combined the power of the 20mm guns and 303. guns for synchronised firing.

Vehicle Stats
750 health.
4x 303. Browning Machine Guns
2x 20mm Hispano cannons
Roughly 630 RPM (Rounds per Minute) and 35 damage per round.
A repair tool.

Has a repair system, default key is V to use.
Has a camera zooming feature, default keys are Left Control to zoom in and Left Alt to zoom out.
Has toggleable cockpit lights, default key is T to toggle.
Requires manual landing gears toggle, default key is Q to toggle.

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