Mod «[SCP] MEM. 24» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[SCP] MEM. 24

This variant of the Mk. 24 Spitfire is for Project Alternate, a project dedicated to exploring alternative history through narrative settings.

The Philippines was trying to buy a large sum of P-51 Mustangs but only a few got delivered because of the 2nd American Civil War, Meanwhile the Brits were trying to dispose of their Old Propeller Planes and saw a opportunity by donating and selling the Philippines their Spitfires and some Hurricanes from 1954-1973, Hence why you would see more Spitfires than Mustangs in the PAF.

Creator's Notes
-Just a fictional variant of the Mk. 24 featuring PAF (Philippine Air Force) decals and emblems, now without bombs as the they were used on the Mustangs instead

Vehicle Stats
920 health
4x 20mm Hispano cannons (50 damage per round)
800 RPM (Rounds per minute)
4x RP-3 rockets
A repair tool

Has a repair system, default key is V to use.
Has a camera zooming feature, default keys are Left Control to zoom in and Left Alt to zoom out.
Has toggleable cockpit lights, default key is T to toggle.
Requires manual landing gears toggle, default key is Q to toggle.

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