Mod «The Horizon Defense Forces Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

The Horizon Defense Forces Pack

Due to me updating the toolpack and not having enougth time I will have to discontinue this pack. I assure you that most od these Vehicles will make a comback in a pack dedicated to them.

(pro tip if you are using the hydra, first of the main gun has 20 seconds charge time so HOLD the fire button. Then, in oder to spawn it, I recommend you let it replace the AA gun and play as raven on DUSTBOWL. You enter the vehicle between the middle tracks)

This is the biggest pack I have puplished so far- Once I finishied updating it it will have 15 Vehicles and 7 weapons. Currently, the pack contains the following weapons/vehicles:

The M-600 Wraith:

Also known as Hovertank, this Tanks pack quite a Punch- It has a very good Mix of Speed and Firepower.


105mm Gauss Cannon/Magnetic Acceleration Cannon (with projectile trail!)
.50 Coaxial Machine Gun

.50 Machine Gun for the Gunner
(planned) 40mm Grenade Launcher

F-700 Impaler:

The F-700, a swift figther Jet, is perfect for keeping the skies clear- All things you need in life are a 4000 PS engine and a Minigun.


Rocket Pods
Lock on Missiles

F/A-220 Talon:


Weapons (oh boi, this will be a big one):

20mm Minigun
Laser Guided Missiles
Rocket Barrage
Lock On Missiles
Heavy Missiles

AH-77 Bandit:

Best enjoy your Helicopter by blasting BFG Divison and taking out a enemy flag.


Rocket Pods
Lock On Missiles

20mm Machine Cannon for the Gunner

MK.66 Lynx:

Do you like Hovertanks? Do you hate Armor? Do you love litteratly carrying your Team? Then the MK-66 is the rigth Vehicle for you!

Weapons (driver this time, no gunner):

M-650 Ragnarök:

When a big cannon isnt enougth....


200mm Railgun
.50 Machine Gun

M-6637 Ultra-Heavy Siege Platform "Hydra"

...get a bigger one!

Weapons (sidenote this one is super WIP):

1500mm Anti-Spaceship Cannon

Gunner 1/2: MRLS

M-633 Phoenix:

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Layzor Soigths

Anti-Air Laser

Rhino SPAA:

Mobile Anti-Everything SPAA, not suited for children under 3 years. Contains small parts.


Dual 40mm Anti Air Cannons



You see that enemie over there? No? WEll that because he's dead.

HWT AR-34:

The AR-55 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ brother! Nothing more to say.

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