Mod «[Halo Project] Scorpion Tank (M808B Main Battle Tank)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[Halo Project] Scorpion Tank (M808B Main Battle Tank)

The M808B Main Battle Tank (AKA, the Scorpion), is the most common armored fighting vehicle employed by the UNSC. The tank is used in operations requiring heavy firepower or an anti-vehicular platform. "Combining firepower, resilience and mobility, the Scorpion has proven itself formidable and earned the respect of friend and foe alike."


-Unique Track/Treads suspention and animation
-6-7 Seat compacity
-Jump seats (Ai can sit on treads)
-M512 Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon (Driver)
-M247T Medium Machine Gun (Driver in normal Scorpion only, Gunner for Sun Devil AA varient)
-Bullet trail effects
-Custom HUD
-Custom Sounds
-Red vs Blue's Sheila
-AA (or Anti-Aircraft) version (Sun Devil)
-Halo 5 Tanks and varients

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