Mod «Arcade P-51D Mustang» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Arcade P-51D Mustang


Landing Gear control

Press L to control landing gear. the plane can't reach the highest speed when landing gear is down.

Flap control

Press previous / next sight mode key (mouse4,5) to control the flap. flap gives you more maneuverability in the exchange of speed.

K-14 Gyro Sight

Press ; to change the sight display mode and select the one with gyro.

Stare the enemy vehicle and press E to activate gyroscope for leading your shots.

Press R to move the camera closer to the sight.

Ammo Belt customization

While landing and rearming, press arrows to modify the .50 BMG ammo belts.

you can select between M1 tracer and M8 Armor Piercing incendiary variants.

M1 is visible to eyes but M8 is more powerful.

Gun convergence range

While landing and rearming, press - and + to change the gun convergence range between 100m and 300m.

Unique weapon management

While landing and rearming, Press space bar to select the armaments between 10 HVGRs, 2 M64s, and 6 HVGRs with 2 M64s.

If you want to take a look at the front switch panel, press T to move the camera at the cockpit.

Press Z key to select the armement type between ROCKET, TRAIN (Drops one bomb), and BOTH (drops 2 bombs).

When using rockets, Press X key to select rocket launch type between SINGLE (launches one rocket) and AUTO (Launches all by holding down the button).

If you are ready, Press V key to Fire the selected armement.

Carrying Rockets and Bombs reduces your flight speed !

Configuable commands

Go to mutator tab and select 'Keybinding' to configure some important commands.

Camera controls

Press sprint and crouch to zoom in and out the camera.

Press left braket to change the camera mode to freelooking, right braket to default.

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