Mod «RE: SroA Firebird VTOL» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: SroA Firebird VTOL

Firebird VTOL
The Firebird is one of the many Aircraft first fielded by the Republic during the escalation of the war for earth. A trusty Vehicle, able to deploy from nearly any place with sufficient space for the aircraft to stand and powerful Thrusters for propulsion and lift. The Firebird comes in two configurations, The F 27 being a fast but sturdy fighter with Machineguns, Missilepods and an automatic Railgun agains hard targets and the B 27 being a dedicated Bunker Buster carrying a single missile thusly designated. Other than that the B variant is armed with light autocannons and grenade launchers. For ensuring payload deliverance, the B 27 is outfitted with four ligh machine gun turrets for point defense.

This modpack contains:
-Firebird F 27
-Firebird B 27

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