Mod «Hijong Park's UH-60Q BlackHawk» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Hijong Park's UH-60Q BlackHawk
US army's modern transport / utility helicopter.
It doesn't have mounted weapons, but you got a new toy to play with.
Unmatched level of realism in helicopter flight that can't be found in any other aircraft mods. including...
  • Torque effect : when collective is increased, the helicopter will turn to right because of the torque created by the main rotor. the torque decreases as the helicopter gains forward speed.
  • Translating tendency : If you push rudder to left to deal with Torque effect, the tail rotor will start to create its own lift and make the helicopter drife to right.
  • Translational Lift : the helicopter gains extra lift and speed as move. because of this, you don't need to pitch down to extreme to fly forward like vanilla helicopters or other mods.
  • retreating blade stall : If you fly too fast, the helicopter will shake aggressively and you'll lose control. Do not fly faster than the red line in the speed meter.
  • Vortex ring state : if you go down too quickly while there isn't much forward speed, the helicopter will suddenly lose all lift and go down very quickly. The most dangerout state for helicopters.
  • Over torque & Engine overheat : if you increase the torque higher than the red line in torque meter, the engine temperature will start to increase. if it hits the limit, the engine will cause permanent engine failure. Keep watching the engine temperature and don't go full collective all the time.
Flight stick and rudder controller are essential to fly this thing properly. If you don't have them, fly in Arcade flight mode which deactivates pitching up caused by translational lift, torque, and engine overheat.
Advanced squad managements

my helicopter offers various squad commands to make your life easier.

H : order your squad to get into helicopter
J : order your squad to get out of helicopter
U : only the passengers to get out of helicopter
T : automically gather nearby allies as crew members and take them when there are available seats.
Y : Extract passengers and make them act as their own. if you set the waypoint, they will attack that specific waypoint. if you don't set it, they will find the nearest capture point and attack it.

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