Mod «Dozor-B & Oncilla» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Dozor-B & Oncilla
Hey! Due to the recent events I decided to make a modern Ukrainian armoured car. I chose Dozor-B because its Polish variant named Oncilla is used by Senegalese and Ukrainians themselves.
  • Dozor-B (12.7mm NSVT) - Ukrainian four-wheeled armoured car. Produced since 2013 until now. 10 built examples are used by 95th Air Assault Brigade. It's equipped with remotely controlled 12.7mm NSVT machine gun.
  • Dozor-B - Transport variant of the latter, without the mg.
  • Dozor-B (winter, 12.7mm NSVT) - Dozor-Bs used in snowy winter conditions
  • Dozor-B (winter) - Transport variant of the latter, without the mg.
  • Oncilla - Polish produced variant of the Ukrainian Dozor-B. 13 of them were made since 2013, 11 of which, funnly enough, were bought by Ukraine itself after it stopped the production of domestic Dozor-Bs. Polish Oncilla has better armor, better engine and many more improvements. It's equipped with .50 cal M2 Browning HMG.
  • Oncilla (Senegalese) - 2 Polish produced Oncillas were sold to the Senegalese Army in 2017.
  • HEADLIGHTS - press "T" to turn them on (turned on by default when playing on night mode) (script by kikimundo)
  • DESTRUCTIBLE WINDOWS - Hardened glass but still possible to destroy with a concentrated fire
  • SENSITIVE POINTS - Shooting at the engine will deal more damage to the vehicle!
  • NATIVE UKRAINIAN HUD - Ukrainian Dozer-Bs have HUD in Ukrainian language.
  • REALISTIC CAMERA - 1st and 3rd person driver cameras react to accelerating, braking and turning.

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