Mod «RE: SroA Cavallier Light Reconnaisance Vehicle» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: SroA Cavallier Light Reconnaisance Vehicle
Cavallier Light Reconnaisance Vehicle

The Cavallier is a light Craft representing the lowest Order of the Pax Atlantica Fromations. These Vehicles operate in small packs of two to three vehicles surveying areas of a few square kilometres each, meeting up every so often with their superiors in order to recharge their batteries as well as (if necessary) resupply their Weaponsystems, as the Cavallier lacks the energy and ammo production capabilities of the Hannibal ADU, which acts as the defacto leader for up to three packs of Cavalliers out in the field.
The Cavallier comes in two weapons configurations, one featuring Autocannons and heavy Missiles, for critical impairment of enemy armour and aerial elements during short engagements, before retreating, the other featuring two heavy Machine Guns and one magnetic linear accelerator, that serves to extend the Cavallier Engagement distance.
Like the Hannibal the Cavalliers interior too is outfitted to fulfil at least the basic needs of the human operator.

Special Features
  • Support for Interior Cockpit view, using Dual Render Screen
This modpack contains:
  • Cavallier LRV AA (Anit Air)
  • Cavallier LRV AI (Anti Infantry)

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