Mod «[WW2 Collection] T3 Carbine» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

[WW2 Collection] T3 Carbine

The T3 Carbine was a variant of the M1 carbine designed to carry an scope. Originally developed using commercial scopes before the infrared devices were available, the T3 was essentially an M1 carbine with a different stock (with a planar frontal side) and a receiver that had a mount added to the top of the receiver (integral to it). The first iteration of this development was the M1E7, which simply had a regular scope, this was further developed once the Model M1 Sniperscope was built. This was an active infrared filter which required power and a source of light to work. For this, there was an infrared lamp located in the underside of the stock, with a grip to improve the handling with the heavy frontal load. This equipment had a maximum range of around 90-150 meters, with the carbine intended to be used at up to 90 to 100 meters. The light and scope had no power to view clearly objects further away.

The couple hundred (up to a thousand or even around two thousand) carbines were produced, with several hundreds of them ending in the hands of the American soldiers during the battle of Okinawa, being tested as perimeter defense weapons, with the intent of surveying the grounds around American positions for infiltrating Japanese soldiers at night.

After the war, most T3 carbines were scrapped due to the fact the receivers could only work for scoped carbines. The new M3 carbines from then on would be normal M1 or M2 carbines with an added grip and scope+mount that could in theory be removed at will, unlike on the T3 model.


  • Damage->40 (3 shots to the body)
  • Loadded ammo->15

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