Mod «Vanilla+ - SDV (Standalone)» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

Vanilla+ - SDV (Standalone)

Eagle and Raven SDV (Submersible Delivery Vehicle). Will automatically dive after it begins moving forward, and automatically surface when slowing down.

Eagle - Northern Marine Works Menehune
The Menehune evolved from the "frogman subs" seen near the end of the Great Wars, and began development in the late 1970s as military escalation began, and the then-nascent TALON unit began to expand its operational scope. It was mainly intended to transport divers to disable minefields, launching from Triton class nuclear submarines, but became particularly popular among TALON units as a stealthy alternative to RHIBs. With a large surplus, it also sees use in more conventional marine operations by specialized squads.

Raven - MDRC Remora
The Remora was devised by the Marine Defense Research Corporation as high-speed special ops insertion and extraction vehicle, capable of operating in both coastal and riverine environments. While it was among a number of other options, the Remora was selected for its good performance and relatively low cost. This has also seen it used by special combat units of Union marines to supplement conventional shore landings, allowing small squads to land or transit undetected.

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