Mod «Type3 Oblivion» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

Type3 Oblivion

The RAF-3 Type-3R — short for "Raven Alliance Fighter Type-3 Revised" — or alternatively the "Oblivion" — is an improvement on a previous Eagle design with a focus on mechanical simplicity, improved armament carriage capability, and fuel capacity. The end result: a faster, longer-legged weapons platform with significant long and short-range engagement capability.


  • Tillian (a booster-powered pulse cannon, has an incredibly wide spread, but good for close strafing. Recommended use with high-G to pull up fast)
  • Dogfight Drone (this drone is different, fires slower, but deals a tonne more damage. Recommended for long-range strikes and dogfights. Draw enemy's countermeasures with WVRs first)
  • Striker (has a mounted railgun, deals incredible damage. Weapon 5 is "airburst", which deals less damage but can hit from much farther away, and weapon 6 is "railgun". To get to the railgun, you need to scroll from weapon 5, since hitting 6 won't do anything)

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