Skin «Marching up to the New Millennium» for Ravenfield (Build 19)

Marching up to the New Millennium

This pack is broken down between the Marine Corps and Army. For the most part the models are the same with the major difference being that the Army models have an American Flag patch on the shoulders.


-Early 1990s Desert
While the performance of the six-color pattern was not satisfactory in the deserts of the Middle East, it still is a damn good looking pattern.

-Late 1990s Desert
The "new" three-color Coffee Stain desert pattern.

-1990s Woodland
Also works as a redux of my 1980s skins.

-2000s Desert
Even a decade later there still aren't enough desert camo vests to go around.

-2000s Woodland
Kiss your old girl Alice goodbye and say hello to Molly.

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