Skin «Zombies Mod (Skin & Sound weapon)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Zombies Mod (Skin & Sound weapon)
Resurrect your Ravenfield

(Moved from Chainsaw mod) (Updated to EA26)

How to uses:

-1: Select a team and set max AI to 110+, set slide to minimum bots on player team (recommend 10-20 at a ratio of 25:75).
Also make sure they defend the spawn. Use Point capture preferably.
-2: Enable only shotguns/apocolyptic weapons & chainsaw for your team.
-3: Set other team to have zombie fists & skins. (supplied with this pack)
-4:Select only one spawn for your team and any others close to it as the enemy's.
-5: Rip & tear.


-Glowing eyes zombies skin version
-Team changable colors (Red team can be Blue zombies & vice versa)
-No glowing eyes skin version.
-Zombie weapons: Makes Ai equipped with it make zombie sounds and shuffle while swinging their arms at your team. Also usable by the player.



Where would I find this?

Its under the zombies tab when you hover your mouse above the tabs and scroll right

How doth one assign a team only certain weapons?

Enter the AI Weapons menu and at the top right corner will be a drop-down box with the words "BOTH TEAMS" click on that then select one of the teams you want to have normal weapons, tick those then go back to the drop-down and then click on the other team. Assign them one or both the "Zombie AI" weapons (preferably the not fast one).

How doth one assign Skins?

Go to steam library, right click on ravenfield-> properties then click on the betas tab & op into Beta branch.

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