Skin «Canary Infantry — V+ Styled Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Canary Infantry — V+ Styled Skins

These skins are not directly linked to the original Sofa's mod. They copy the style for better compatibility but they are not part of the Vanilla+ series. Canary Faction was originaly created by Jose “Henry” Baron and this is my interpretation of this faction.
Also, vehicles and weapons used in screenshots not included, cause they belongs to other V+ mods.
Please, report any issues you can notice.

Approved by Jose “Henry” Baron! ;)

Included variants:
- Canary Rebel Woodland
- Canary Rebel Dry
- Canary Rebel Highland
- Canary Rebel Snow
- Canary Rebel Plainclothes
- Canary Insurgent Light
- Canary Insurgent Heavy
- Canary Insurgent Light Snow
- Canary Insurgent Heavy Snow

The main idea of Canaries:
Rebellion force, freedom fighters which got spited into two factions fighting each other while also fighting the invaders. Rebels are the first faction, which have not only civils, but ex-military among it's members and equipped with military surplus. Second one are Insurgents. They almost never see the military equipment. Equipping civils with random weapons and providing zero training is enough for their terroristic tactics.

Lore pieces:

The Canaries:
The Federation and Union were founded as entities where every state within them is eager to cooperate in order for the greater entity to flourish, or so they make you think. No matter how much benefit that comes from a greater united entity, there will always be those who would rather preserve their own self identity and keep to themselves rather than cooperate and share. Such example are the Kites who weren’t incorporated into the Federation due to several domestic and foreign reasons, but some states weren’t so lucky. It would be a lie to call the creation of both the Federation’s and Union’s bloodless even if they say it was. Such huge entities had to “police” any opposition to the idea of that entity, but even after the creations of both, some of the opposition still voice their resistance. Some do it peacefully, but most would agree that goes nowhere. In the end, most would say the only way to get the attention of such a giant entity is by resisting forcefully and protecting the oppressed, or blowing up a hospital. Two ideals that clash with each other more times than they do with their masters. These local resistance groups call for the secession of their states from the Federation or Union. They have been labeled the “Canaries” as a result, solitary creatures that do not like being pets, they would rather feed and fend for themselves rather than be subject for others, an ideal these resistance groups stand for. A problem however is how to enact these ideals, and with frequent disagreement, a violent split within the faction has taken place and now declare each other as their enemy as well

The Rebels:
This Faction of the Canaries call to protect the local population from oppression of their local rights and remove any military asset that would disrupt their movement, but are careful when it comes to civilian casualties. These Canary Forces have been labeled the “Rebels” and are known to be very well armed and equipped for a non-conventional force due to their availability to surplus with most being ex-military and already experienced with prior conflicts serving the following entity’s military.

The Insurgents:
Some however see these protections and resistance as weak and not enough wanting to take it a step further, take revenge for the years of subjugation. Which would lead to the aforementioned blowing up of some hospital in the capital to avenge this subjugation, maybe even more. They have been labeled the “Insurgents” and are much less equipped to the point where most combatants are local civilians are just given or grab a gun, a pouch, a mask, maybe a stolen vest with absolutely no training and just told to shoot the people with the helmets.

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  • Author: Dustron
  • Mod version: 31.07.22
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