Mutator «BF2042 Bot & Custom Player Names» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

BF2042 Bot & Custom Player Names

updated names will not show up for you if you have this enabled in a config as to not replace any edits you might have made. to get new ones youll have to find a way to let the default override what youve saved, such as by disabling it in your config and then relaunching ravenfield
this mutator randomly generates battlefield 2042 us and russian bot names from a selection of ranks and names to selected teams, and will also generate new names when bots respawn. there is also an option to enable this for yourself!
i dont think any of the names/ranks are wrong but they might be sorry. the same goes if there are any weird bugs. this really isnt dyslexia friendly. just let me know if so (but i do fix any i see)
ill add more names over time, as well as more ranks, i just want to make sure ranks are 100% faithful to bf 2042 (by seeing them in game myself) before adding them thats all
names however, i add semi randomly but make sure theyre still faithful in that i wont add any names from countries that i havent seen have names in 2042- for example, i havent seen any other slavic names besides russian when playing 2042, so therefore havent added any besides russian. the same goes for the us 

13.12.22 (b.26)


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