Mutator «Surrender Mutator» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Surrender Mutator

Surrender Mutator

This mutator changes how the game ends. By having one of the 2 parties surrender. Once a game has ended over a time of 15 seconds all of the combat will seize and the losing team will surrender themselves. After this you have the option to shoot them or not and quit the game. you are also able to order your troops to execute prisoners by pressing: P. Warning: It takes them for all of your troops to receive the message so they won't immediately stop.
If you lose however a small event will playout where the fate of you and your troops is decided.

In Version 2.0 Some much needed fixes have been implemented and you are able to configure almost all of the options. Beneath is a list of all the configuration options.

Surrender time: Time until the surrendering sequence is complete wow when all of the soldiers stop firing and all of the soldiers have surrendered. The longer this time the longer small amount skirmishes will persist.

Decision time MIN/MAX: The amount of time until a fate is decided about you and your troops after you have lost a match.

Endgame execution chance: Chance of the end game resulting in executions.

Execution range weapon/vehicle/charge: The range the bots will go to execute a prisoner . A lower value gives of more the feeling that they go up to a soldier to shoot him. Longer ranges can give of the feeling they want everybody dead and quickly.

Bots can sit/stand/funny: If you disable one of these bots will only do the selected animation. When no animation is selected bots will fallback on default sitting behavior for all bots. Both options will give you some bots who stand up with their hands in the air and some who sit down.

Army order keybind: This is the keybind that relates to you deciding about the fate of the enemy team after a match is over.

End match keybind: Is the keybind that will cut short a match. When you play you will win automatically. If you are spectator there is a fifty fifty percent chance who will win the match. The same end game event as when you lose will be played out aswel.

This modpack contains:
-Surrender Mutator

-Turn on the endless instant action in the game options menu to enjoy this mod!

-Plz report bugs as soon as possible thank you!
-Not all edge cases have been tested yet so feel free to lemme know any possible bug.

If you enjoy this mod plz leave a like, I would really appreciate it,
and leave a comment if you got any critique I always appreciate feedback.

Thank you and enjoy!

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