Mutator «Score System» for Ravenfield (Build 27)

Score System


This is a small mutator that adds a score + medal system to Ravenfield!


Each kill in the game by default gives 100 points. Certain medals in the game can give you a multiplier to boost this. Some medals will also give you additional points.


Kill Medals

  • Headshot (+100 points)
  • Longshot (+50 points)

Kill Streaks

Your kill streak count increases per kill. Your streak will reset on death. Multiplier bonuses gained from kill streaks will also reset on death. Unstoppable medals are rewarded to the player for every kill after reaching nuclear.

  • Blooodthirsty (+500 points)
  • Merciless (+0.2 multiplier)
  • Ruthless (+0.2 multiplier)
  • Relentless (+0.2 multiplier)
  • Brutal (+0.2 multiplier)
  • Nuclear (+0.2 multiplier)
  • Unstoppable (+100 points)

Kill Chain

Kill chains require fast subsequent kills within a short time frame. The medal will be awarded once the killchain timer runs out or when you hit the max amount (9)

  • Double Kill (+200 points)
  • Triple Kill (+200 points)
  • Fury Kill (+200 points)
  • Frenzy Kill (+200 points)
  • Super Kill (+200 points)
  • Mega Kill (+200 points)
  • Ultra Kill (+200 points)
  • Kill Chain(+200 points)

Your final score will display once the match ends.

  • Events for new mod compat

24.03.22 (b.26)


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