Mutator «Flight Physics» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Flight Physics

Tired of Ravenfield dogfights devolving into no skill turnfights? Feeling bored of missile combat coming down to who has more flares? Want to introduce more nuance and skill into air to air, air to ground, and ground to air engagements? Introducing

Flight Physics

A one stop shop to all your air improvements.

What does this do?

This mutator overhauls many aspects of aerial combat and flight in general, to allow for the usage of proper tactics, stratagems, and maneuvers. The effects are universal, and will effect all planes. The performance of the planes and it's weapons are taken into account. This mutator was designed with RavenM in mind, however bots are still effected by this mutator and can use all of it's features.

Physics changes

This setting will likely be the most impactful on your experience. Planes will now follow the rules of physics, and slow down/speed up depending on gravity. Loosing too much speed will result in stalling, which leaves the plane an easy target for the enemy. Turnfighting and complex maneuvers will drain energy, just as they would in the real world. Proper energy fighting, boom and zooming, turnfighting, altitude advantages, angle of attack are now important considerations in a dogfight.

Four options are available to configure this feature:

  • Normal - The default setting. Provides a balanced experience that should work with most planes on the workshop.
  • Intense - Increases the effect physics have on the aircraft. Intended for usage with planes that are too powerful to be effected by lesser settings, or pilots looking to amp up the challenge. Bots may struggle more when this is enabled.
  • Light - For those who want a more mild experience, yet still want to have a more dynamic flight than Vanilla.
  • Off - Not recommended, but there for those who simply want another feature of this mod, but don't want any of the improvements made to flight.

Improved Missiles and BVR Combat

In the base game, missiles slowly move towards their target, and cannot be shaken without flares. Now, missiles will begin to run out of fuel, and slow down. When the missile runs out of range, it will detonate in mid air. The amount of fuel is determined via the thrust and speed settings the missile has, so a powerful missile will perform better than a weaker and slower one. This allows for cranking and notching maneuvers to have some impact, and means combat is determined by more than flares. This can also effect WVR combat, as timing your missile to hit at it's maximum speed can allow it to ignore flares, while incorrect timing can mean an overshoot.


During takeoff and low speed flight, a planes propeller will provide torque, moving the aircraft to the right or left. This feature can be effected by a number of factors, such as the engines speed, and the terrain(if the plane is on the ground).

Two options are available to configure this feature:

  • Eagle Torque Direction - As different planes have torque in different directions, you can select the direction on a per team basis, with options of Left and Right. Can also be used to disable the torque for this team.
  • Raven Torque Direction - See Eagle Torque Direction

RavenM Usage

RavenM's support for mutators is currently limited, as such, there is a few things to keep in mind.

You MUST ensure that everyone in the lobby has the mutator enabled, and all the configuration settings match. RavenM will NOT do this for you (may change in the future).

Countermeasures may have issues. It is recommended to hold down the button when deploying them.

Guided projectiles may have inconsistencies syncing, especially at high speeds.

I CANNOT guarantee this mutator working with others. It works as intended if it is the only one enabled. Experiment at your own risk! (Feel free to use it with others in singleplayer.)

Disclaimer: Ravenfield air combat varies wildly from real life in regards to scale and proportions. I did my best to have values that will give an impactful result with a variety of mods and maps. If something is not to your satisfaction, there are options to modify and disable it. If you read all the way down here, good job!

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