Map «RE: The Canyon» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: The Canyon

Complex G-558 also nicknamed The Canyon is a Water-Purification plant with integrated G-M3 pillars and a long range radar installation. The complex is integrated into 3 natural pillars and was build near the end of 121st century on the Iberian peninsula wasteland. As Spain was mainly inhabited it was the perfect location for more experimental facilities. The facility was equiped with Greenspot Mark 3 generators that prevented the contamination of the water and the total destruction of the vegetation arround the complex. The facility was equiped with a long range radar that allowed off-world communication and also allowed the facility to be used for military reconnaissance by the provisional governments leading up to the cataclysm. The facility was once more a hot topic during the reclamation of earth. It's strategic location would allow the POS to gain a proper foothold on the former European continent while the CC wanted to keep the facility under control for it's resources. Their primary reason to be present was to keep the POS from getting a foothold. The SROA meddled themselves to prevent any damage on the communication array. Because losing the communication array would mean that the European continent would lose any form of off-world communication and would put definite set-back on peace talks between the 3 primary factions.

This modpack contains:

-The Canyon (day/night)


This map has a temporarily haboob that occurs every 8 minutes. While the storm is blowing over sight for players and bots alike has been diminished making air to ground and ground to air assaults much less viable.

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