Map «[CQB] Shipment Remastered» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[CQB] Shipment Remastered

This is not an new map but just a renewed version of my old map whose lighting doesn't work in EA26. With the help of Lezvin's day night cycle mutator, now it looks much better than before. What's more, Lezvin's and I implemented a new mechanism which dynamically moves the spawn points to improve the gameplay. When Eagle/Raven is suppressed and confined in one single point, this mechanism will allow bots to spawn at some points captured by enemy. U can consider it as a mehanism of switching sides which is appliedin many FPS games.
Anyway, hope u can enjoy this map. XD


- Ultimate CQB gameplay (due to the new mechanism of switching sides)
- Beautiful lighting (with the help of Lezvin's day night cycle mutator)
- Abundant details (containers, vegetation, backgroud buildings, etc.)
- Generally correct scales
- Extra covers (compared with the original map in COD 4)


[Mode] point match, battle
[bot]: 16-24

Requires: Day / Night Cycle v1.0

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