Map «Wharf» for Ravenfield (Build 26)


An abandoned industrial port has been revisited hundreds of years later, one of the few locations left on Earth which is still preserved and shielded from the radiation. The Raven and Eagle factions, which were not able to evacuate Earth, must fight to gain control of this invaluable haven.

This is a small CQC map which was partially inspired by valorant's maps. Lots of very tight alleyways and exposed bridges lead to an absolutely cutthroat battle experience. I really wanted to try an older late 1900s industrial complex which has begun to be converted to a more modern future city.

All modes work pretty well for this map. I recommend 10-30 bots. Fewer bots will be much more strategic and reactive games while higher bot counts will be much harder and more chaotic but still fun.

This is not an easy map compared to my usual gameplay style. The high angles are very exposed but it's also hard to see in tight spaces on ground level. I made it to feel more like an online map than I usually have which is why I enjoy it a lot with very low bot counts. Use your cover well and move with your team.

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