Map «Atoll Town» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Atoll Town

Used Townscape to create the town.
The Town Series linked above a collection of all my maps.

While not as big as my last town, I learned the basics of blender to edit some of the features.

This town starts with each team jumping off their floating islands. Both teams fight over the 3 spawns in the middle.

If you enjoy please leave a like, they are really encouraging for me to keep developing maps. It also helps show it to more people.
Constructive feedback Is always appreciated, I want to make the best maps possible.
Download a jet pack to snipe from the central flying structure. This will also allow the player to take the opponents starting spawn.
Development notes:
I'm considering remaking Grey Town, If I do it will be titled Ocean town, which is what its original name was before I tried doing a color theme to all the maps. Then on my second map (Green Town) realizing not all colors are visually appealing for the base color of a town. hahaha

Castle Town (I mentioned on my last map) is still stuck in development as a campaign, but I might end up axing because Ill have to port it over to the new version of Unity

Next map on my radar, Im looking at doing one for a zombies mode. These maps take around 16-30 hours. Each map I do takes a little longer than the last one, because I learn more skills to make better maps. So the next one could be anywhere from 2-6 months. (Its really a matter of when will I get hyper focused on it)

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