Map «D-Day: Airborne Paratroops Night and Morning Versions» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

D-Day: Airborne Paratroops Night and Morning Versions

Parachutes are here and it is time for a map like this to finally happen. This map takes you on a little immersive ride at midnight, the sounds of planes flying overhead and German flak fire, both heard and seen in the distance, dropping in with hundreds of other paratroopers.
You can either play with or without the night setting, its always night. I recommend not having Night on though, the skybox I put is better looking. I will also make Market Garden, which will be in daylight.

Balance to the blue side.

WW2 or WW1 weapons only.

3 second respawn.

Maybe no grenades.

Recommended bot count: 100+ if you can.

*************************D-Day Airborne: MORNING VERSION.***********************************

It has been an hour since the beach landings began, while many paratroopers are still fighting deep in Normandy hours after being dropped in the initial Airborne invasion overnight. They have the help of Sherman tanks and Spitfires this time.

Keep slider balanced.

WW2 or WW1 weapons only.

3 Second Respawn

Number of bots: Any number of bots is fine bc there is vehicles. But I play with 100.

It is still a work-in-progress, so give feedback for the morning version!


Rate it so more people can see! :D

I only modified them to my liking. But they are not mine, reason why I will not be publishing them.

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