Map «Brandenburg - der Eingang» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Brandenburg - der Eingang

This map was built by a friend of mine, Andrew, and published by me

1982, The Berlin Wall has been destroyed by the local west german forces to access the east side of the city, explaining that this attack is for liberating the german people from the communist regime but the true reason still keeps unknown. The strike took the Soviets by a total surprise, giving them little time for building defenses at the feet of the Brandenburg Gate, having to shelter in the watch booths of the wall, the reds aren't giving east Berlin so easy to west. Could this be the beginning of WW3? the start of a nuclear war?! THE END OF OUR EXISTENCE?!! Find out in this map, fighting for liberating your people, or defending our motherland.

Gamemodes: Battle, Point match
Bots: 70-120+

Required: Day / Night Cycle v1.0

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