Map «[EA-26] Desolate Chill» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[EA-26] Desolate Chill
Desolation is not the only thing you should fear...

Desolate Chill

This map is now compatible with the stable branch.

Fight for you life for as desolation may not be the salvation you desire.

The world moves on. Conflicts rage. Lives are lost. Yet nature remains undisturbed. It was never meant to happen. We shouldn't have tampered with it. What have we unleashed. Death may not be here but it stalks in the shadows. Waiting to strike.

Hey there, Hans (Sam) here. Welcome to Desolate Chill, a pretty massive mid sized map and it's purely infantry focused since vehicle implementation was scrapped from the early stages of development. With only four capture points and bots sticking to the trail paths, the combat should fairly interesting. Also I recommend to vegetation on medium or higher for this map btw.

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Standard version

  • Recommended Mode - Battle, Domination & Point match (Spec ops too :3)
  • Recommended Bot Count - 50

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