Map «Universal Firing Range» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Universal Firing Range

A Multipurpose Firing Range designed for all manner of ballistics, from small arms testing to vehicle weapon testing. It features a wide range of conditions fit for testing the ranges of grenades and rifles, and even aircraft guns and rockets. Hopefully modders and mod-lovers will benefit alike!

Recommended that bots be disabled, but a disarmed red team can serve as target practice at their flag. Point Match is the ideal mode.

This range contains a dedicated weapons testing range, where areas are split between Short, medium and long ranges. These ranges are ideal for longer testing sessions, and offer high-fidelity soldier targets to test bullet patterns against. The vehicle range has several large targets strewn on a range, and comes with a dedicated range for airplanes to test their gun accuracy as they approach at high speeds.

I tried my best to include as many practical features in this range as possible, but if anyone feels that an added convenience could be included, comment, and i might just add it if i feel like it.

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