Map «Counterattack at Rostov | WW2 Collection» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Counterattack at Rostov | WW2 Collection
Battle of Rostov (1941) (Operation Barbarossa)

First Soviet counterattack during Operation Barbarossa which finally led to the bigger breakthrough.

Recommended bots: 60-80
Recommended gamemode: Battle

Bigger event: Operation Barbarossa
Event: Battle of Rostov (1941), Rostov Offensive Operation
Date: 27 November 1941 – 2 December 1941
Location: Rostov-on-Don region, USSR
Result: Soviet victory
On 27 November the 37th Army, commanded by Lieutenant-General Anton Ivanovich Lopatin, as part of the Rostov Strategic Offensive Operation (17 November 1941 – 2 December 1941), counter-attacked the 1st Panzer Army's spearhead from the north, forcing them to pull out of the city. Adolf Hitler countermanded the retreat. When Rundstedt refused to obey, Hitler sacked him, and replaced him with Reichenau. However, Reichenau saw at once that Rundstedt was right and succeeded in persuading Hitler, via Franz Halder, to authorise the withdrawal, and the 1st Panzer Army was forced back to the Mius River at Taganrog. It was the first significant German withdrawal of the war.

Red Army (Blue) / Germany (Red)
Skins: RKKA 1941 Winter / Heer Winter Parka

Jeep: T-34 (1940) / Panzer II C
MG Jeep: T-34 (1941) / Panzer 38(t)
Quad: T-34 (1940) / Panzer 38(t)
Tank: T-34 (1941) / Panzer IV F1
APC: T-34 (1941) / Panzer IV F1
Attack Plane: X / Bf-109F-2
Bomber Plane: X / Ju-87B Stuka
MG: Maxim / MG 34
Anti Tank: Pak 36 / Pak 36

Mods on screenshots:

  • WW2 Weapons Collection
  • WW2 Vehicles Collection
  • Panzer II C
  • Ju-87B
  • Maxim
  • Pak 36
  • MG 34, BF-109
  • Soviet Skin

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